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Regular System Maintenance:

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MCI renamed as MDDI from 08 Jul 2024

Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) will be renamed as Ministry of Digital Development and Information (MDDI). Please submit invoices for MCI to ITA-Ministry of Digital Dev and Info w.e.f. 08 Jul 2024 onwards. Please contact your MDDI liaison officer if you have any query on the invoice submission.

(For self-employed persons) Update to PayNow

With effect from 8 Jun 2024, PayNow NRIC or UEN (for business entities) will be the sole payment mode for self-employed persons (SEPs) to receive service fee payments from any government agencies.

Following planned system enhancements to Vendors@Gov on 8 Jun 2024, SEPs will be required to update their bank payment mode to PayNow NRIC or UEN. To avoid any delay in receiving your service fee payments, please ensure that your PayNow details are tagged to your NRIC or UEN. If you have yet to sign up for PayNow NRIC or UEN, please do so via your preferred bank.

Please note that following the switch to PayNow NRIC or UEN, the current Inter-bank GIRO payment mode will cease for Contribute As You Earn (CAYE) payments after 8 Jun 2024.

For more information, please refer to


About 50% of government vendors are now registered on the nationwide e-invoicing network, InvoiceNow. The Government will implement InvoiceNow as the default e-invoice submission channel for all Government vendors who are registered businesses within the next few years, and will eventually replace the Vendors@Gov portal for this group of vendors. We strongly urge vendors who are onboard the network to start sending e-invoices through this channel and those who yet to come onboard to do so as soon as possible.

For more information, please refer to our guide and visit

If you need help with onboarding InvoiceNow, please reach out to

Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited ("SCBSL")

In line with SCB's plans to consolidate their business operations in Singapore to SCBSL, the current Bank Code and Swift Bank Identifier Code ("BIC") will be replaced. Please refer to their announcement for more info. To prevent any delay in payment to all vendors with SCB bank account, we will be assisting to update the Bank Code/BIC to 9496/SCBLSG22 with immediate effect. Kindly contact us via AGD helpdesk for any enquiries.

Citibank Singapore Limited

With effect from 15 April 2019, Citibank Singapore Limited ("Citibank") will operate under a new SWIFT Bank Identifier Code and Bank Code for SGD payment instructions. If you have been informed by Citibank that there is a change in your account's Bank Code, please log into your account to update it and register a ticket with AGD helpdesk after you have done so. Thank you.

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